Flatsharing in Rennes is waiting for you !

flatsharing in Rennes


To the west of the new: Rennes is the rising destination. An attractive city to settle in family, study, invest and undertake, or just to discover the charms of its heritage and enjoy its many festive and gastronomic addresses. Rennes has it all ... As proof, the 2017 list of attractive cities, produced by L'Express magazine, ranks first in the quality of life. To achieve this ranking, the Express has screened the 100 largest French cities. Rennes also makes rare cities, with Nantes and Lyon, which are placed on the podiums of the rankings of cities where it is good work (2nd place) and the cities where it is good business (5th). So, why don’t you try the flatsharing in Rennes ?

A green and happy city

The dynamism of Rennes, boosted in particular by the arrival of the LGV (high-speed line) which connects it in just 1:25 to the Montparnasse station, is expressed on all fronts: an intense cultural life, an economy and creations of job and the festive atmosphere of a city where it is good to study. But it is especially for its quality of life that Rennes stands out in this new record. After having already been recognized as the capital of biodiversity and in the top 10 of the greenest cities in France. In Rennes we are good, simply!

The benefits of roommates

Are you planning to move to Rennes for your studies? Sometimes this can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are sure of whether you prefer a shared flat or if you prefer to relax in a complete apartment for you. Although both options have a lot of advantages, the 3 main reasons for preferring flatsharing. Let's start!

Make friends for life

When you share a home, you do not just share an apartment with others. In fact, there is much more to do when you share life experiences. And there's no better way to make lifelong friends than to talk to them about your ups and downs! Plus, your roommates can be the best circle of friends when you arrive in a new city. This makes the exit much easier. Keep in mind that your roommates' friends will become your own friends.

Get to know other visions of the world

Are you curious about other cultures? So, go and love an apartment with people of other nationalities. This is the best way to see your own customs through the prism of another world view, which may be opposed to yours. Not to mention the opportunity to discover new techniques and recipes!

Spend less money

One proof: sharing a home makes independence more affordable. Rental rates for one person are high thanks to roommates. Sharing is saving! In some cities, where the locations are really expensive, it is the lifeline for some students and young professionals looking for a home.